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Vascular Treatment

Varicose veins are elongations and dilatations of the veins especially of the extremities below that occured by multiple factors and where making it difficult for the return of the blood flow to the heart.

Veins have valves like the heart, that a genetic predisposition, and in relation to different factors more or less degrees, such as pregnancy, treatments hormonal, overweight, smoking, and staying long hours standing still (personals in hotels and catering staff, airhostesses, etc.) they are altering, so that the veins are not completely emptied in the return of blood to the heart so they swell, making them visible. When the capillaries and small vessels are afftected, spider veins appear or telangiectasias, and when they are altered they are varicose veins properly large vessels.

Types of Treatments

Varicose veins can be classified into:

  • Spiders or telangiectasias
  • Spider veins
  • Reticular veins depending on the characteristics of each of its appearance, colour, location and gravity.

For the treatment we use three types of techniques:

  • Foam
  • Liquid
  • Laser The diode

Laser and liquid are combined and are generally used to treat spiders veins and telangiectasia, while the foam technique is to treat reticular marked veins, when very thickened it can be painful. Outpatient treatments are not painful, depending on the severity and of the number of sessions and each session takes between 30 and 45 minutes. The patient should wear compression bands and follow the instructions that will be given to you by the specialist.