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Medical Depilation

In Fernandez Blanco’s clinic we have a White Alexandrite Laser, GentleLASE system of set
long and high energy, emits a beam of light that destroys the hair follicle without affecting the skin as
is protected by a cooling device which sprays cryogen.

Initially your doctor will perform a screening test on a small area of your skin. You shall be provided with an eye shieldfor you and for the professionals who practice the treatment in order to protect the eyes from the laser during the laser treatment is applied.
through a hand piece that is placed over the treated area. Prior to each laser pulse
You will notice a slight sensation of cold on the skin caused by the DCD cooling system.
The majority of most patients experience only mild discomfort during the treatment. However, the aforementioned cooling system DCD, besides protecting the skin, produces an anesthetic effect, which makes the treatment much more comfortable.
However the degree of discomfort varies from person to person, depending on your pain threshold.  Based on the preferences or tolerances of each person you could be asked to use a topic anesthesia.
It is important to avoid the sun between 4 and 6 weeks before and after performing the treatment or consult with our specialists. Avoid hair removal by tweezing or waxing. If you have a history of perioral herpes, you may be required to take an antiviral prophylactic therapy prescription.
If your skin is dark coloured tone, the use of skin lightening pigmentation cream is to be applied 4 to 6 weeks before starting treatment this will improve the outcome.