Dr. Fernando Jeandet

Specialist in body and facial plastic surgery

A native of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dr. Fernando Jeandet is one of the best aesthetic plastic surgeons in the body and facial area, which we have at the Clínica Fernández Blanco.

During his 15-year career as a plastic surgeon, he has achieved very positive results in his patients (especially in body modeling operations, breast augmentation surgeries and rhinoplastys). Thanks to this and to the good testimonies of people who have been operated on with Dr. Fernando Jeandet, we have classified it as “a fundamental and unique piece for our medical team”

Art can also be expressed through plastic surgeries

For Dr. Fernando Jeandet, all operations are an art studio, where the human body is a canvas that must be embellished with the correct techniques of plastic and aesthetic medicine, and instruments are the brush that help to create a work of art worthy of admiring.

For that reason, at the Clínica Fernández Blanco we consider him a great professional, since all the knowledge (advanced and updated), which he has on surgical-aesthetic procedures, have turned his work into something artistic and professional.

Academic background of Dr. Fernando Jeandet

Dr. Fernando Jeandet is a plastic surgeon who graduated from the University of Buenos Aires.

However, his renowned career did not end there, since he also specialized in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Ministry of Health of the Argentine Republic and has completed internships in renowned hospitals in Spain and Argentina.

It is important to mention that our specialist made all this journey in order to increase his experience and knowledge about plastic medicine, because for Dr. Fernando Jeandet the most important thing is that his patients have a wide variety of medical-aesthetic procedures (so they can choose which is the most convenient for them), and specialized, professional and quality care.