Dra. Lucía Jáñez

Collegiate number: 282859082

Aesthetic medicine specialist

For Dr. Natalia Pshenychna, each person who attends her consultation is a unique, special and particular patient. She affirms that the main task of every aesthetic doctor is to help the patient to express

Dr. Lucía Jánez is an oculoplastic surgeon specializing in aesthetic, reconstructive and repair medicine for the entire facial area. For her, naturalness, harmony and elegance are essential elements in each of her works.

That is why all the people who decide to treat themselves with this incredible doctor obtain very positive results, since her work philosophy is to carry out personalized treatments for each of her patients. The reason for this? She states that no two faces have the same features, so each face is a unique, special and peculiar work of art.

A nationally and world renowned doctor

One of the most outstanding actions that Dr. Lucía Jáñez (apart from the excellent work she does daily in the area of aesthetic medicine and ophthalmology), are the medical publications she has written throughout her professional career.

Such publications have been written for various prestigious magazines, books and forums, and many of them have achieved numerous visualizations both nationally and internationally. Therefore, Dr. Lucía Jáñez has become one of the most recognized members of the Clínica Fernández Blanco.

For Dr. Lucía Jáñez there is nothing better than finding the ideal treatment for each of her patients

Another one of Dr. Lucía Jáñez is to treat each face as if it were a white canvas, since a clean face is a work of art to which you can apply all kinds of treatments to improve, enhance and beautify the features that are in it.

However, our talented surgeon loves to find the ideal aesthetic medical treatment for each of the people who come to her office. This is because she mentions that aesthetic procedures need not only to yield positive results on the skin, but also to maintain the harmony, naturalness, and symmetry that each part of the facial area has.

Academic and specialized training by Dr. Lucía Jáñez

She obtained her degree as a Doctor of Medicine at the Complutense University of Madrid (where she obtained an extraordinary doctoral award for her excellent thesis). Likewise, he also completed a Master’s Degree in Aesthetic Medicine at this same university, and graduated with the measurement of academic excellence for all the performance he had throughout the master’s degree.

However, her achievements did not reach this far, since she specialized in the field of oculoplastic surgery and aesthetic medicine at the University of California Los Angeles, in the company of the renowned Dr. Goldberg.

What is your philosophy as an Aesthetic Doctor?

“The philosophy that governs my career is to seek symbiosis between the patient and the treatment. We are a blank canvas to sculpt, but we must maintain the harmony and naturalness of ourselves, without tending to exaggeration and preserving elegance”.

What do you like the most about Aesthetic Medicine?

“For me, it is quite a reward that my work can help people feel better, to turn their desires into their image. The thanks from my patients are simply wonderful”.