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Anti-Stain Treatment

Stains or hyperpigmentation of the skin, are caused by excess sun, aging biological, hormonal changes as in pregnancy, systemic diseases or vitamin deficiencies. They are usually brown, appear on the face, neck and hands. the dark skin are more likely and there is a genetic condition.

Types of anti-stain treatment

Alexandrite Laser

The alexandrite laser is a procedure to remove stains star of the skin, especially when they are resistant to creams and scrubs. The laser is indicated for the melanin spots that appear with photoaging skin. The results vary depending on the person, but often recur by sun exposure without protection, or without total display duration of treatment is between 1 and 2 sessions.

Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling is one of the procedures used to lighten or remove stains. It's applied,with a chemical in the form of acid that exfoliates the pigmented cells. They are peelings reaching an average depth, trichloroacetic acid or retinoic acid combined with active principles. For surface stains using glycolic acid and other fruit acids.