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Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation (or lip volume) were performed on thin lips with little definition for rejuvenate and correct perioral wrinkles, although in these cases it should be that is naturally more important that the total elimination of wrinkles.

Over the years, and biological aging causes loss or decrease in lip volume, are used to retrieve this type of intervention that is important to act progressive, with the aim of achieving a very natural result. Thus the remodeling labial should always be low to high, thus preventing an overcorrection that might not be well accepted by the patient.

Generally would be needed two or three sessions to complete lip augmentation. We may choose three types of the choice of products, temporary, semipermanent and permanent .. Dr. Fernández Blanco uses semi-permanent fillers and they are easily removable.
The objective is to always get beautiful lips and a very natural look, which harmonizes with the rest of the structures of the face. Daily cases come to the clinic and it is observed the excesses of cases that are committed and materials which are unsuitable that have been used which cause deformacions not only on the lips but the rest of the face. These cases require secondary surgery or secondary queiloplasty for the correction and elimination of the substances.