The peeling is a dermatological treatment which consists in topically applied substances or CO2 laser can cause controlled destruction of the epidermis and dermis depending on the depth to reach into the skin.

Chemical peels involves the application of various acids on the skin of face. The type of peel performed will depend on the needs of each patient, time that may be inactive and its work and social life.
Are classified as:

  • Superficial: limited to stratum corneum, acting alone in the epidermis, and peeling the skin is performed with acid salicylic, mandelic acid, or glycolic is immediate recovery is performed without anesthesia and so outpatient basis. Media: trichloroacetic acid is used in different concentrations, or phenol buffered (attenuates the effects of phenol) and acts in the surface layers of the dermis.
  • Deep: phenol is carried in higher concentrations, acts on the layers deep dermis, scarring is more intense, and full recovery time is 2 weeks. You can also occlude well with tape and heals after 10 days approximately, although the redness takes several months to disappear completely. The use of CO2 laser for facial rejuvenation is as effective as phenol.

The peeling is deeper acting on the dermis, favors much more on the formation of collagen and elastin, restoring lost volume, and acting on wrinkles. Required is the use of peeling for the removal of skin blemishes, acne, small scars, certain degrees of keratosis, facial deeper follicular phase very well marked and rejuvenates the skin, restoring smoothness, elasticity and beauty.