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Bucal Fat Removal

Bucal fats are some packages that are fatty cheeks. The purpose of the removal is to refine the face, accentuating the cheekbones, making it more angular and defined.

Bucal fat removal is usually indicated for people with very round faces who want to get a face more angular and defined.

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What is the removal of Bucal fats?

Marie François Xavier Bichat (1771-1802) was the French anatomist who described the Balls bearing her name.
They are fatty packages found in the cheeks just in front of masseter muscle. The purpose of the removal is to refine the cheeks and emphasize the cheekbones, to achieve a similar effect to that intended when using blushers or rouge on the sides of the face/cheeks.

Who Needs It?

Bucal fats removal are performed on people of very round faces or cheeks slightly marked.


Typically, local anesthesia is used, except in those cases in which simultaneously other larger interventions are to be performed.


A small incision is made of 1.5 cm. Approximately at the inner side of each of the cheeks and by pressure from the outside, the bucal fats are extracted. The process is easy and not painful.

Duration of the intervention

The procedure lasts 30 to 45 minutes and is very similar to dental treatment.


Inflammation is usually minimal and decreases gradually. The result is not apparent until a month and as the swelling goes down gradually the surrounding attributed to a variation of weight to the patient or, in many cases, the extraction of wisdom teeth.
The patient can be incorporated into work the next day.

What risk is there?

  • Hematoma: The abnormal accumulation of blood in the surgical area and evacuated through a minimal incision.
  • Infection: The risk of infection is now rare, as it prevented with antibiotic treatment, but is higher than in other interventions of little importance, being the incision in the mouth, where there usually resides a high number of germs and it is difficult to make a proper asepsis.


The oral hygiene before surgery, greatly lowers the risk of infection.

Frequent questions asked about the bucal fat removal

Do you notice a major change with this procedure?
This is an operation in which the results are excellent, removes the roundness to the face and highlights the cheekbones and the angle of the jaw.
Is it the same as having the molars/teeth taken out?
You do not get the same effect as with the extraction of wisdom teeth. Proof of this is that the molars are usually regulars extracted and the changes in the appearance of the cheeks area are not appreciated.