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Cheek Prosthesis

The cheekbone augmentation surgery with implants is the introduction on the cheeks of a prosthesis to increase the relief of the malar bone. In this way are obtained cheekbones which are well marked, a more angular face, harmonious, and rejuvenated.

Sometimes the intervention is associated with the removal of Bichat balls. The objective of this intervention is to highlighten the cheekbones.

+ On the cheekbones Prosthesis

Cheek implant prosthesis

It is the introduction of a prosthesis, to the cheeks to increase the relief of bone malar. In this way, there is a more angular and harmonious face, with a look of greater firmness. Sometimes the intervention is associated with the removal of Bichat balls. The prosthesis Silicone is utilized because it is superior in performance to others existing in the market.

Who needs a cheek prosthesis?

Men or women with round shape faces and little relief, with slightly highlighted cheeks.


Implementation of the cheekbones prosthesis can be performed under local anesthesia, although it is more comfortable for both the surgeon and the patient to be supported with sedation.


There are several approaches or incisions possible: on the lower rim of the lid, inside the mouth or above the pin, while the first is clinically more recommended.
If we choose this, the surgeon must go down to the bone, dissect the area needed to create the pocket space should accommodate the prosthesis and fix the implant with a stich to prevent movement. continuing next to close by plans to perform the suture end.

Duration of intervention

Approximately two hours.


To reduce the swelling apply ice for 48 hours, keeping a few days on antibiotic treatment which is started in the operating room and do not take sun exposure. After 5 days the stiches are removed. Usually, one week is necessary for the inflammation to go down and so you can appriciate and see the results.

What risk is there?

Displacement of the prosthesis: long-term can occur and produce an asymmetry, which would require reoperation for the placement.
Bruising: It is the accumulation of blood which occurs when a vessel is not coagulated. It's usually necessary to evacuate surgically.
Infection: Its appearance is very rare, because they always use antibiotics to prevent it. However, although not compromising the patient's life, but should this happen it may worsen the cosmetic result and would require temporarily removing the prosthesis. If the incision is made inside the mouth, increases this risk.


Do not sunbathe on the cheeks for two months to avoid the pigmentation of this area.
Choose a moderate-sized prosthesis to achieve a natural look.

Frequent questions asked regarding cheekbone prosthesis.

Is it possible to operate with no visible scars?
If choosing as a way of approach within the mouth.
Dose it diminishe the volume over time?
No, the result is permanent.