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It's called peelings it is the removal of the skin layers, which according to the products techniques, are used and the depth to reach peels are classified into surface medium or deep. Medium and deep peels are peels which must be performed by a medical aesthetic medicine specialist or a surgeon.

+ About Peelings

Microdermabrasion treatment

It is a peeling that means. By mechanical exfoliation with the help of diamond microcistals and aluminum oxide, it removes the epidermis and dermis, and treated aged skin, sun damage, dry skin with loss of elasticity, soften wrinkles and facial contour irregularities.
Objectives: Dim fine lines and scars. The results will be gradual, in the immediate postoperative you see a slight swelling and redness it will be gone in two or three weeks. You must protect your skin with high protection factors or solar screens prevent hyperpigmentation.

Facial peeling scrub "Light of Asia"

It is a superficial peel, comes in cream with microparticles, which removes dirt from the pores, produces a gentle exfoliation of the skin and very sensitive skin are redness that disappear within a few hours. This peel is very nice, leaves skin very soft, clarifies and increases its oxygenation, which allows the penetration depth of the products assets are used.