Mentoplasty – Chin Surgery

The chin tuck or cosmetic chin surgery is the correction of the deformity of the chin that is underdeveloped and largely altering the profile sometimes giving the sensation of a small (mandibula) jaw, even with a normal bite.

It is an outpatient cosmetic surgery with excellent results and returns harmony to the facial profile.

What is an increase of mentoplasty?

It Is the aesthetic correction of the deformity produced/caused by an undeveloped-chin in which prosthesis are used to restore and for the correction of the anatomical shape/form.


If not combined with another most important intervention it is performed under local anesthesia. To decrease a chin which is too prominent, you need to make a grinding or a section of bone (osteotomy) through an incision situated in the mouth.

Osteotomies allows to go forward, cut shorten and tighten the jaw.

It is important to identify possible asymmetries or size or shape differences between one side of the face and the other side.


The operation of the chin is the placement of a solid silicone prosthesis in a pocket created in front of the chin. The incision can be made in the skin under the chin, leaving a small scar under the chin or inside the lower lip in front of the lower incisors.

Duration of intervention

20 to 30 minutes


It’s fast. The swelling and discomfort disappears within 48 hours. The stiches, if the incision is made inside of the mouth, it is not necessary to remove them since they are resorbable.

What risks are assumed?

As with any surgery, infection is a constant threat. The displacement of the prosthesis is uncommon.


Apply ice to the area after surgery. Extreme oral hygiene and use antiseptic mouthwash.

Frequent question on Chin surgery

Is it possible to create the dimple?

You can not create the dimple in the chin.

How long is the prosthesis?

It is permanent. No need to change the prosthesis once the years have passed.

Can the prosthesis be rejected?

The prosthesis is made of solid silicone and it is a material that is lifeless ( inert) and is biocompatible, so suffers no rejection.

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