Informed consent forms

Paciente firmando el consentimiento de la Clínica Fernández Blanco

“By signing an informed consent form, the patient affirms that they have received all of the necessary information about the surgical procedure which they are going to undergo before the procedure is initiated, likewise declaring that they have decided to accept the surgery or treatment.”

The doctor is obliged to provide this information in certain procedures and the patient has the right to receive it. An informed consent form is a way of recording in writing that the patient’s right has been fulfilled and that they agree to undergo the surgical procedure.

The document must indicate the procedure which is to be performed and consent may be freely withdrawn at any time before the procedure or treatment begins.

What do they mean?

Informed consent means that the patient has received the information, that the risks and benefits of the procedure have been evaluated, that alternative treatments have been offered, that any questions or doubts that the patient may have about the procedure have been clarified, and that the patient has made the decision to undergo the procedure.

Why are these necessary?

Before making the decision to undergo any type of intervention, procedure or treatment, it is fundamental that the patient has been fully informed with regards to the target outcome and the risks involved, as well as any possible alternatives and consequences.
It is important to bear in mind that even when we put ourselves in the hands of the best professionals there are certain risks inherent to each surgical intervention that are beyond the surgeon’s control.