Dr. Alfredo Fernández Blanco

“The plastic surgeon Dr. Alfredo Fernández Blanco stands out in his branch of medicine, as the best breast surgeon, and is a pioneer in the so-called secondary surgeries or sequels. With over 30 years of experience and thousands of success stories, it continues to achieve the most natural results that can be expected in a cosmetic surgery operation.

Professionally recognized plastic surgeon doctor

A prestigious specialist, who has extensive experience even in the most complicated cases. With an absolute mastery of the most advanced techniques and with a magnificent medical team that supports him, Dr. Alfredo Fernández Blanco has been working for years for his patients to recover their self-esteem and feel better about themselves through such a complicated and delicate specialty. how is plastic surgery.

In the best hands, with Alfredo Fernández Blanco

Undergo a surgical intervention, by necessity or by simple question of personal image is a decision that must be taken with great care. Any operation involves a risk, and even the simplest can be complicated in non-expert hands. Sometimes it is much more than a matter of aesthetics, a poorly performed intervention can become a health problem that leaves very serious consequences.

That is why it is important to go to the best plastic surgeon. To a professional collegiate that offers its services in modern facilities and equipped with the greatest technical and technological advances. A professional like Dr. Fernandez Blanco, always concerned about the welfare of his patients and offering them with the greatest guarantees that they have long desired, that change of image or the repair of that sequel that affects them both physically and psychologically.

Plastic surgeon specialties

Rhinoplasty, cheiloplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction, removal of biopolymers, liftings and many other procedures are those performed in our clinics. Clinics where you will find the best plastic surgeon and a team of professionals always at your service so that you can see your dream come true. Expert hands to always get the results you want or regain confidence in yourself.

Dr. Fernández Blanco is a leader in the field of sequels surgery, in something as complicated as repairing a plastic surgery that did not give the desired results. Sometimes these are really serious cases that only very expert hands can deal with.


Medical Societies that belong to the clinic

  • Spanish Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery (SECPRE).
  • Spanish Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery (AECEP).
  • Spanish Society of Surgical Medical Laser.
  • IPRAS (International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery.

Awards and recognitions

  • “Conde de Cartagena” Award from the Royal National Academy of Medicine. 1997.
  • Award for “Surgery of the University of Seville” awarded by the Royal Academy of Medicine of Seville. 1994.
  • Prize for residents in the XXII Argentine Congress of Plastic Surgery Celebrated in Mar del Plata. 1992.
Doctor Alfredo Fernández Blanco cirujano plástico
Doctor Alfredo Fernández Blanco cirujano
Equipo quirúrgico clínica Fernández Blanco