Nose operation – Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is the nose surgery it is performed to correct size and / or shape and achieve a facial harmony. In some cases, it is accompanied by an operation for restoring nasel functioning, improving the respiration.

It is one of the finest delicate Cosmetic Surgeries in which the plastic surgeon should demonstrate their knowledge, skills and surgical skills, being necessary to adjust the nose operated on so as to achieve harmony to the patients features,and naturalness and beauty to the face.

Rhinoplasty is indicated for those people who present an obvious aesthetic alteration to their nose or where there is respiratory distress. It is not appropriate to intervene before the pacient has completed adolescent development as it is necessary to await the end of normal bone growth and emotional maturity.

What is a Rhinoplasty?

It is a cosmetic surgery of the nose. The nose is very important in our face, because together with Eye make up the area you are glancing when two people talk, it is part of the individual’s personality. The nose changes in appearance throughout life, making it difficult finding an ugly nose in childhood and it is when sexual development begins is when it comences changes that is when sometimes it may cause problems in self-esteem and in the security of the person.

Who needs a nose operation?.

Those who present an obvious aesthetic alteration of the nose with or without any respiratory distress. Importantly aesthetic rhinoplasty (nose operation) is a very different intervention for the correction function of (turbinate hypertrophy, deviations of the nasal septum, polyps, etc.) and thus the surgeon may not always dominate correctly both techniques.

It is not appropriate to intervene before the adolescent of the patient or until development is complete, since for the reasons explained before you must wait until the end of the normal bone growth and for the emotional maturity. Although sometimes following trauma or by functional alterations it can be considered for rhinoplasty before this time.


The Capping is removed after 24 hours and should be removed at 48 and 72 hours in those cases where in which it is combined with a septoplasty. Immobilization is done with a small aluminum splint, avoiding the use of plaster bandages, which considerably improves the appearance of patient after surgery, and it is withdrawn after a week. Finally, the nose is immobilized for one further week with paper tape. After 14 days after surgery, the patient looks almost normal, and the bruising of the cheeks will have almost disappeared.


There are two large groups in rhinoplasty (nose job surgery) the closed techniques and the open and this relates to how forming the incisions in the nose. In the first the collision used leaves no visible scars hanging inside the nostrils, it is used for very important deformations and the recovery is much faster.The open techniques are necessary to correct gross distortion sometimes caused by an earlier intervention. The field of view provided by these is much better, but as counterpart leaves a small scar on the nasal columella.

Often rhinoplasty is combined with interventions to correct the defects in the septum and nasal turbinates which improves the respiratory functioning.


It can be done with local anesthesia and sedation administered by an anesthesiologist. Also General anesthesia if an intervention is expected to take longer than usual or is requested by the patient.

What risks are assumed?

Complications in rhinoplasty are infrequent and are exceptional cases of infection or epítasis major (bleeding). Sometimes breathing difficulties or irregularities by a poor healing.


It is useful to control inflammation using cold compressions and to avoid blowing your nose for 48 hours, and sleeping with the head slightly elevated. The patient should avoid the support of glasses the nasal dorsum during the first month. You should not smoke, or do sudden exsessive exercises.

Frequent questions asked regarding a nose operation.

Is it a painful operation?

The nose operation is not a painful procedure, and the discomfort is relieved easily with common analgesics.

How long do I have to wear noseplugs?

The noseplugs are maintained during 24 hours and 48 hours for complex rhinoplasty.

Can I choose the type of nose that I see in a photo?

You can not choose any model of nose, rhinoplasty modifies and amends the exisiting nose and therefore the outcome is determined primary by the primative of the same. The surgeon will always contemplate that the result is natural and a harmonious nose with the rest of the face.

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