Dr. Natalia Pshenychna

Collegiate number: 292911445
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Aesthetic medicine specialist

For Dr. Natalia Pshenychna, each person who attends her consultation is a unique, special and particular patient. She affirms that the main task of every aesthetic doctor is to help the patient to express, emphasize and enhance their traits, personality and individuality.

But how does she do it? Very simply: creating an ideal image of the patient so that everyone can see how good it looks (without looking like a couple of touch-ups), generating a comfortable, natural and symmetrical appearance.

Dr. Natalia Pshenychna is one of the main aesthetic doctors that we have at the Fernández Blanco Clinic

In the modern world, aesthetic medicine has been climbing the steps to become the main tool to change the appearance of the skin, face and body, without having to enter an operating room.
That is why Dr. Natalia Pshenychna specialized in this field of medicine, since for her the most essential thing is to be able to help all those people who want to get a change of image, but without having to resort to surgical practices or very invasive procedures..

However, that’s not the only philosophy this amazing doctor has. She also states that the job of every good aesthetic doctor is to be able to select the right techniques for all patients who enter her consultations, since each of them has different needs, tastes and desires.

For this reason, it is important to know and specialize in the different types of aesthetic procedures that exist today, so that patients have a wide range of options when entering a consultation.

A sweet, professional and altruistic personality

Yes, we know that the dream of aesthetic medicine is to ensure that the patients who attend the consultation obtain the appearance of their dreams. However, for Dr. Natalia Pshenychna there is a special aspect that every aesthetic doctor must follow, and it is: “Treat all patients as if you were treating yourself”

Thanks to this philosophy, Dr. Natalia Pshenychna has not only become the sweetest, most professional and altruistic member of the Fernández Blanco Clinic, but she has also become a fundamental part of our wonderful medical team.

Academic and specialized training by Dr. Natalia Pshenychna

Below we show you the institutions, courses and specializations that Dr. Natalia Pshenychna has completed throughout her professional career:

  • Graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Kharkiv Ukraine in 2004, specializing in dermatology (university degree approved in Spain by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports 2014).
  • Accredited Course Aesthetic Medicine in Dermatology Kharkiv Medical Academy (Ukraine)
  • Master in Aesthetic Medicine University of Córdoba.
  • Several courses, master class and training in aesthetic medicine.