Lip augmentation

Cosmetic Surgery of Lips – Queiloplasty

The primary Queiloplasty is the procedure used to beautify your lips and return the mouth anatomy correct. Dr. Fernández Blanco is an expert in Secondary Lips Surgery or secondary Queiloplasty. This surgery is performed to remove distortions or abnormalities of the lips caused by an excess of synthetic material, in many cases silicone which remaining naturally deforms the face and in many cases produces pathologies.

The aim is to restore symmetry, volume, beauty and harmony to the lips with a minor operation , but which requires high precision and great surgical skills. In the increase of Queiloplastias implants are generally used, and the surgeon will decide which one to use as there are a great variety in the market.

What is Lip Surgery or Queiloplasty?

Lips surgery or primary Queiloplasty is carried out on those lips that aesthetically can be improved, since they have wrinkles, or asymmetries when they are usually very thin or very bulky. The Quelioplasty can be increased or reduced. The secondary Queiloplasty which is performed to correct defects caused by previous surgery. Dr. Fernandez Blanco is an expert in this area and his reputation is well known publicly.

Bad results Granuloma

The granuloma is a reaction which the body produces around a material introduced which behaves as a “foreign body”. The defenses identify and they react by creating a scar capsule around it that increases over time and can reach to become painful. Must be removed and there are several types of techniques that the surgeon will evaluate depending on each particular case.

Who Needs Lips Surgery?

For patients who for aesthetic reasons want more voluminous lips, who want to beautify their mouth, making their lips have the shape and volume appropriate to the anatomy of their face. Patients who have been infiltrated with permanent fillers in their lips and currently present unattractive deformities,or simply wish to withdraw part of the product, because the volume seems excessive. (secondary Queiloplasty)


The lip operation is always reailized under local anesthesia, but if you want it can also be supported with deep sedation administered by an anesthesiologist.


In queiloplasty increase, the techniques are different, the implants are of easy manipulation and the majority are injected. The most common implants are those having principle component of methacrylate, polyacrylamide, hydroxyapatite, polyalkylimide, collagen, thread lift, and Hyaluronic acid.

The surgeon according to his experience and knowledge will indicate to you which of them he will use. In the secondary Queiloplasty the surgeon’s experience is very important, and that this and the prior design will be the only ones that provide support for the operation once the lip is deformed by the infiltration of anesthesia.

Duration of intervention

About 40 minutes to 1 hour depending on primary or secondary surgery.


It’s generally rare, it’s ambulatory, it’s accompanied by inflammation but rarely hematomas appear on the fourth there’s normal appearence. It is not a painful intervention even though the first day presents difficulties for the mobilization of the lips.

What risk is there?

Primary queiloplastias complications are very rare. In secondary queiloplastias as all intraoral interventions have the increase risk of infection. Sometimes in important resections or in pacients operated on before may have a loss of transient sensitivity.


The usual care with a minor surgery. In secondary queiloplastias cold should be applied to the area and avoiding eating foods that require chewing during the first 48 hours. Perform frequent antiseptic mouthwashing during this period.

Frequent questions on cosmetic lip surgery.

Can you remove all the product?

There are water-based products that exist such as Bioalcamid ® and Aquamid ® to facilitate extraction, others however, infiltrate all the tissues makeing it impossible to extract. Dr. Fernández Blanco uses removable materials so as to prevent any situation that may arise.

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