This surgical procedure is performed to improve the appearance of the earlobe. There are two main types of procedures which are performed to repair the torn lobe caused by wearing heavy earrings or thin earlobes.

Thetorn lobe is the elongation of an earring hole caused by an accident or by skin atrophy. The severity of this can range from a simple elongation to a complete tear of the lobule.

The only way to resolve this problem is by means of a surgical procedure. This procedure consists of removing the skin which surrounds the damaged hole before repairing it.

Surgery to repair a torn lobe is performed under local anaesthesia without the need for hospital admission.

In order to reduce the size of the lobes , a triangular part of the lobe is removed. This excision is determined prior to performing the surgical procedure.

This procedure leaves a linear scar that is concealed in the folds of the ear.

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