Pectoral prosthesis

Pectoral prosthesis

A surgical procedure to increase the size of the male pectoral by placing a prosthesis in the chest.  

This surgical intervention is aimed at men who are unsatisfied with their original size, or those who have a congenital malformation. In many cases there may be atrophy of the pectoral mass or an alteration in the development of the rib cage, in these cases, surgical intervention would be recommended.  

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Male pectoral prosthesis

This surgical intervention is not performed to remove fatty tissue, as liposuction or a gynecomastia would be more appropriate for such purposes (in the case of excess mammary gland), nor does this procedure help muscle development.

Silicone implants are used in this surgical intervention and these are introduced by means of an incision in the areola or in the armpit, below the pectoral muscle. This will increase volume and there will be posterior projection.

This procedure is performed under general or local anaesthesia with sedation in outpatient services or with 24 hour clinic admission. The results are excellent and it has become very popular amongst men in recent years.

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