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Cirujano Plástico Dr Fernández
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Plastic Surgery Marbella

Plastic Surgery

Clínicas Fernández Blanco

Plastic Surgery Dr Fernández Blanco

Clínicas Fernández Blanco

over 20 year dedicated to plastic surgery

Breast Augmentation

Anatomical analysis of the patient

natural results in breast augmentation

Change of breast prosthesis

Change of prosthesis

breast prosthesis explant

Clínica Fernández Blanco

"My greatest professional satisfaction is to see how my patients every day comply with the illusion of improvement in appearance, increase their self-esteem and feel happy."
Signed: Dr. Alfredo Fernández Blanco

The consultation on the surgery that a patient will require considerable effort to make decisions which has to assess the surgeon's experience, and the security it offers. the team Dr.

Dr. Fernández Blanco helps you resolve questions and inform you of all that can bring you peace of mind and confidence in this special moment.

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