Gonion prosthesis

Gonion Prosthesis

The implant of the prosthesis is indicated for those gonion sharp faces and faces with this longness brings virility and beauty to the male face.

We introduce solid silicone implants on the angles of the jaw. It is performed under general anesthesia and surgery usually takes one and a half hours.

What is a gonion prosthesis?

It is a solid silicone prosthesis that fits over the jaw angles, to make a squarer and more manly.

Who Needs It?

A wide and strong jaw prints the face giving a serious hardness and increasing the dominant personality that renders the individual. Thereby increasing the angles of the jaw is indicated in those sharp faces, long faces or childish faces.


It is performed under general anesthesia.


Incisions are made in the mucosa of the mouth on the outside of the jaw to the height of the premolars, from here a pocket is dissected to the mandibular angle below masseter muscle in where the prosthesis is inserted and then fixed with a titanium screw closing the incisions with resorbable stitches.

Duration of intervention

Approximately 1 hour and a half.


Important inflammation is accompanied but rarely appreciated hematomas. On the fourth day you usually have a normal appearance. It is not a painful but on first day presents difficulties in chewing.

What risk is there?

Like all intraoral interventions have increased the risk of infection. Sometimes they produce an increasing contraction of the masseter muscle increasing discomfort. When the prosthesis is not fixed with a screw you can see the same displacement and asymmetry of the angles of the jaw.


Cold should be applied in the area and avoid eating foods that required chewing during the first 48 hours. Make mouthwash with antiseptic mouthwashes on a frequent basis.

Frequent questions asked on the gonion prosthesis

Can the gonion prosthesis be removed easily?

The implanted prosthesis should.

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