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Double Chin Liposuction

The double chin liposuction is a surgical procedure to remove fat we get that builds up from the chin to the neck. It is indicated for those people who present a very open angle of the neck, with an aspect of neck-like obese.

It is common to improve the result it is combined with other surgeries such as implantation of prosthesis of the chin or correction of a saggy skin neck or with a facelift.

What is a double chin liposuction?

It is the removal of unaesthetic fat accumulation, which is located from the chin to the neck, improving with this the angle. The results are excellent since it totally eliminates the double chin and returns the beauty of the neck.

Who Needs It?

The double chin liposuction is indicated for people who present a very open neck angle, with an aspect of an obese neck. It is common to improve the outcome, whether sometimes necessary to implant a prosthetic chin or the correction of skin laxity of the neck through a facelift.


It is performed under local anesthesia with sedation, and if combined with other major interventions it can be performed under general anesthesia.


It is used by the classic technique in this area ruling out the ultrasonic liposuction because of the danger of retractions and burns. Firstly Infiltrating saline at a dilution of local anesthetic and adrenaline to avoid unnecessary bleeding. And once the anesthetic has its effect the suction of fat extraction is made with an ultra thin cannula 2 mm. using the syringe or a vacuum pressure regulating motor until reaching the removal of the total fat desired.

Duration of intervention

Approximately 40 minutes.


You must for one week use a compression garment to contain the edema and help the skin adapt to the new contour. It is not a painful operation and usually presents with slight discomfort. Hardly manifests with bruising in the areas. Recovery is rapid you may have a normal appearance from the first week.

What risk is there?

As in any surgical intervention, there is a risk of infection. It is also possible the accumulation of blood in the aspirated area, thereby increasing the bruises and compromises the result..

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