Mastopexy - lifting


Mastopexy surgery is used to correct the ptosis (drooping) breast, without reduction breast volume. By definition, it is considered true breast ptosis when the complex areola nipple groove is below the breast.

Women with breast ptosis has excess skin compared to breast volume underlying. The thin skin is normally without elasticity and the presence of streaks. The tissue gland is quite mobile on the chest wall by thinning of the ligaments suspending the breast. The fall of the breast is independent of breast volume can be small-volume breast ptosis and breast hypertrophy.

Classification of Breast Ptosis

The classification is performed based on the position of the teat relative to inframammary crease. So find five types of sagging breasts:

Mild Ptosis. – Nipple groove level inframammary.

Moderate Ptosis. – Nipple inframammary crease below but above the lower profile of the breast.

Severe Ptosis. – With the nipple is located below the position more lower breast.

Glandular ptosis. – The nipple is above the fold, but there is a great deal of breast tissue inframamrio groove below.

Pseudoptosis. – Not a real ptosis, as the nipple is above the groove, but due to the lack of content appears mammary breast fall. In this case it is necessary to perform a mastopexy solved most cases the mammary prosthesis implantation of appropriate volume.

Who needs it?

They need all those who have fallen chest; issue that can be caused by a significant loss of weight after pregnancy and lactation, or simply by aging in the breast itself.


Supported by local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia (at the discretion of the medical staff).


In breast ptosis has subsided and the skin relaxed, so that the intervention consists in withdrawing, varying degrees, existing excess skin. Precisely the most important step of surgery is performed before surgery, to mark pen lines where then have an impact to remove excess skin. The size of the scars depend upon the amount of skin resected and the distance that we should move the nipple areola complex.

His disposition is:

Periareolar (around the areola).

Periareolar more vertical scar scar.

Periareolar more “T”, where the horizontal branch of the “T” is placed in the submammary. There are techniques that instead of “T” used a scar on “L” To give the breast projection and durability to treatment is necessary to reshape the glandular tissue, hold-points sutured to the fascia of the pectoralis major muscle.

The cases in which the breast fall associated with a significant loss of breast volume, intervention may be combined with a mammary implant prosthesis. The wound closure is performed in all sensitive points planes, ending with a suture intradermal skin. In case it is necessary to leave A drain was removed the next day. At home, you should rest for four or partial five days and maintain analgesics and antibiotics.

Duration of intervention.

Approximately one hour and half.


The patient can go home the day of surgery in most cases. But need some rest one week to return to normal activity without major efforts.

What risk is there?

Even with low frequency the following complications may occur:

Hematoma: The accumulation that occurs when blood clot blocks a vessel that follows. In cases of intraoperative bleeding drains are left, but once established the hematoma, reoperation is necessary to evacuate.

Infection: The risk of infections today is very low, as are prevented by antibiotic treatment. Still, if it appears, and by degree of intensity, its effects could affect the appearance of the scar and the overall outcome.

Widening scar: Not as rare find widening of scars which have been subjected to a stress, particularly when an implant has been placed breast. In some cases, provides an enhancement program and the scar to improve its aspect.

Hypertrophic scars and keloids: The scar may be of poor quality, thick and extremely slow to whiten (hypertrophic) depends on the circumstance that and nature of the patient’s age. A keloid is a scar disease, with a excessive growth of the same. In Caucasians uncommon, however, in the black their occurrence is not uncommon.

Hyperpigmentation of scars, either by the nature of patient, premature exposure to the sun, or taking medications. To resolve this complication is used depigmenting creams and peeling plus laser treatment obtaining good results.

Frequently asked questions about mastopexy

Can you lift your chest just placing a prosthesis?

If true ptosis, no. Now However, in cases pseudoptosis call, in which the nipple is located at the height of mammary sulcus or above, there really is not a true excess skin, but a loss mammary content that can be remedied with the implant placement.  

Does it vary the size of the breast with Mastopexy?

A prosthesis without Mastopexy increasing the size or consistency of the breast.

Compensates? Scar to raise the chest?

Usually the scar is better tolerated a fallen chest, because the scars are delicate and intradermal.  

Is it possible to a mastopexy without scarring?

In this type of operation, there always remains signal. In cases where the defect is minor, the scar will be located just around the areola. It is advisable wait one or two months to take up a sport.

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